...In a time before ’the olden days’ and probably way earlier than what came before then, lived the legend of Pauls Malt - renowned far and wide, but known by the masses simply as Paul.

Paul was a fearless mariner, whose love for the sea was surpassed by only one thing: malt. Not much is known about this intrepid sea dog. He was never seen, but folklore suggests that he spent his years navigating the rough waves of our fair isle’s east coast, from the thistles of the Scottish hills, through York’s mighty city walls all the way to the foggy streets of London.

Some say that he once wrestled the respect from an angry black bear, others that he tamed an eagle with the body of a fish. All we know for sure is that he created the best craft brewing and distilling malts throughout our land, and the land beyond our land, tinkering, tweaking and testing day after day to perfect his art.


The story of Paul ended off the east coast of our Land of Roses, where they found a wreck, not a shipwreck, but a submarine wreck. Within its rusty walls lay Paul’s last shipment, never completing its final voyage, to deliver the finest malt for all of London’s brewers to enjoy. Paul’s son’s, son’s, son continues to create the legendary malt we all know today… and Paul’s spirit lives on.