First question – Who’s Paul? He’s not a person. We’re a family, the Pauls family.
One of the oldest malting family businesses in the UK.

An old dog can’t learn new tricks? Wrong. Pauls Malt. That’s what. Yes we’re old. Yes we’ve been around since the 19th century. So what? Doesn’t mean we can’t have a kickass look and produce some of the best malted barley on the planet.
Stuffy and boring? We’re far from it.

We take inspiration from our maritime past and have used it to make your malted barley look as good as it can get. Who knew Maris Otter could look this fly…

Our aim is to be the go-to supplier of malted barley for craft brewers. Whatever it takes. That’s what we’ll strive to do. Fact.

We’re proud of our past and excited for the future. With a team passionate about barley, beer and whiskey, we want to help brewers craft delicious new tipples for everyone to enjoy.

Pauls Malt. Not a person. We’re a family.

We developed a presence in three core areas, Bury St Edmunds, Knapton and Glenesk, and since then have created master maltings in all locations.

Pauls Malt Bury St Edmunds

This is our southern malting site close to the coast. The home of Pauls pale malts. Maris Otter, Pale Ale and lager malt are regularly crafted here.


The Glenesk Maltings

The Glenesk Maltings first opened as a distillery on the site of a former flax mill in 1898. A lon life of distilling was only briefly interrupted during the First and Second World Wars when it was occupied as an army barracks. This life continued until 1968 when a purpose built mechanical drum maltings was added.


Pauls Malt Knapton

The Knapton site was originally built in 1952 for barley drying and storage, and production facilities for pale base malt were added in 1958. The unique Pauls Roasting Plant was added in 1983 and has seen regular updates ever since.